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suga jnki

breath in bleed out
6 July
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..strange little girl
addiction, alice in chains, avenged sevenfold, beads, being kissed, being naked, bill s. preston esquire, bio-dome, biting, black sabbath, bleeding, blenders, blood, bonfires, boredom, bracelets, breaking things, brian molko, bruises, brunettes, butterflies, candy, charity shops, cigarettes, cky, coca cola, colouring books, crayons, crazy people, creativity, daisy chains, daisy chainsaw, dark crystal, deftones, destruction, dime bars, dollies, donnie darko, downthesun, drawing, drinking, drugs, drunks, eating, edward scissorhands, expressive photography, eyeliner, faeries, fairy wings, fantomas, fear, feeling loved, feeling numb, gak, garden gnomes, getting lost, gigs, glassjaw, glitter, gore, green, guitars, guys in drag, halloween, hands, hatebreed, horror films, hugs, hungry hungry hippo, ice cubes, incubus, insanity, invader zim, invisible friends, jack off jill, jell-o wrestling, july, ketchup, labyrinth, laughing, lego, lemon ice tea, licking, liv tyler, lust, magical forests, marlboro lights, mental sex, mirrors, my birthday, my little pony, my ruin, nail polish, nerds, nightmare before christmas, ninja turtles, obsession, odd socks, otep, pain, pantera, pirates, pj harvey, poetry, poison the well, portishead, pretty girls, public humiliation, queen adreena, radiohead, rainbows, ratm, red lipstick, ribbons, rubber duckies, scars, screaming, sepultura, sex and the city, silverchair, skittles, slayer, smoking, soulfly, sparkles, sprinkles, stars, sticky tape, straws, switchblade symphony, system of a down, talking, tarrie b, tears, the dark, the stooges, thursday, tool, trashy make-up, tura satana, undies, valleum, vanity, verbal abuse, vintage clothing, vodka, wendykurk, white chocolate