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breath in bleed out

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my lyrics [Aug. 9th, 2004|03:40 pm]
breath in bleed out
bloodstained daisychain ..kiss me/kill me/blood bleeding through white sheets/pale girl/frail future/slice wrists/to lazy to breath/lick me naked/fuck me/bitter humor/talking silence/faking laughter/acting emotion/dead emotions/sick/lie/bitch/cry/chained to my own tragic fate/i am falling to my ebony death/school girl loses herself and her viginity/undone to a stranger/to a reaper/skinned/drained/brainwashed/slip under/undressed/unseen/blinded from the truth/rotting petals/bored to amusement/insanity is amusing/sweating in my tomb/lying awake forever/feeding my throught/pretending..